City of Yakima Names New Code Administration Manager

A longtime City of Yakima employee is the City’s new code administration manager.

Glenn Denman, previously the City’s supervising code inspector, was named to the code administration manager position last week by Community Development Director Joan Davenport.

“Glenn brings a strong technical background and many certifications to perform the duties of City Building Official, as well as a detailed approach to enforcement of City code violations,” said Davenport. “His dedication and teamwork supports the work of the entire City.”

Denman was selected after a broad candidate search. He has been employed by the City of Yakima Code Division since 2008.

As Code Administration Manager, Denman directs and coordinates the activities of the City of Yakima Codes Administration Division.

Denman replaces the previous code administration manager, Joe Caruso, who retired last year.

Glenn Denman