City Offers Leaf Disposal Options

The City of Yakima is offering leaf disposal options for residents.

“People can give us a call and we’ll do what we can to help them do the right thing with their leaves,” said Solid Waste Manager Loretta Zammarchi.

The City of Yakima’s Refuse Division offers yard waste collection through November 30th. For $17.55 per month, the City will provide residents with a 96-gallon cart dedicated for leaves and yard debris. Leaves must be placed loose in the cart, not bagged, and not contaminated with garbage.

“If your current 96-gallon yard waste cart is not enough for your leaves you can order a second cart for $8.77,” said Zammarchi. “A second cart may save you money and labor. It will be picked up during the regularly scheduled yard waste pick-up time.”

“The other thing folks can do if they choose to bag their leaves is to call the Solid Waste Division and let them know they have extra bags. The Division will accept up to three extra bags placed beside the garbage cart. However, the customer must call in advance for pick-up,” Zammarchi said. “Once the request for extra pick-up is called in, it will be added to the route and the driver will pick them up for an extra fee of $3 per bag on their regularly scheduled pick-up date.” 

Because wet leaves can be too heavy to lift, the Solid Waste Division is requesting all bagged leaves be placed in bags that hold 42 gallons or less. If a resident has more than three bags of leaves, Zammarchi said to call the Solid Waste Division for assistance and more options.

“Probably the best option is to take your lawnmower, mulch your leaves and put them in your garden bed or compost pile,” Zammarchi said. “It’s wonderful protection for your plants over the winter and can provide you with a great soil amendment for your spring garden.”

Yakima City Code forbids blowing or depositing leaves and yard debris into City streets.

Chapter 6.56.050 requires residents to keep leaves out of the street, alley or public place. Chapter 8.76.025 extends the restriction to public rights-of-way such as sidewalks and gutters.

“The biggest problem is if the leaves are out there and it rains, eventually they’ll get into the gutters and plug the storm drains,” said Acting Street Maintenance Supervisor Jay Kendall. “That means when we do get a snowmelt or heavy rain then we’ll have flooding in the streets. It can lead to a pretty big mess.”

Call 575-6005 or visit for information about leaf removal services in the City of Yakima.