City Seeks Volunteers for Pro/Con Committees

The Yakima City Council will appoint no more than three volunteers to serve on pro/con committees regarding at least two and possibly three proposed amendments to the City Charter on the November 2nd General Election ballot.

During its regular meeting on Tuesday, July 20th, the City Council authorized two proposed amendments to the City Charter that, if approved by voters, would:

  • Require City Council members to attend meetings
  • Conform City Charter to state law provisions regarding purchases of supplies, material, equipment or services, appropriations, amendments to the Charter and civil service

Click NovusAGENDA for the agenda packet from Council’s July 20th meeting, which includes links to the above charter amendment proposals.

During its regular meeting next Monday, August 2nd, Council will consider adopting a third proposed Charter amendment for the Nov. 2nd ballot that, if approved by voters, would establish there shall be no local income tax on residents within the City of Yakima.

In accordance with Revised Code of Washington 29A.32.280, the Council during its August 2nd meeting will appoint committees to prepare arguments for and against each of the proposed Charter amendments to be published in the voters pamphlet.

Anyone interested in applying for any of the above pro or con committees can contact the City Council/City Manager office at 575-6000 or

Those interested in serving are asked to indicate which proposed Charter amendment they would like to be considered for, whether they are “pro” or “con,” and a brief statement regarding why they would like to be appointed to the committee.