Clean City Program Making Progress

Referring and placing 148 people in shelters, abating/cleaning approximately 6,000 incidents of graffiti, clearing nearly 60 tons of garbage and removing more than 900 grocery carts are some of the activities provided by the City of Yakima Clean City Program during the first nine months of 2020.

The Yakima City Council received a report on the program in its agenda packet for the November 17th meeting. Click for a copy of the report.

The City of Yakima developed “Clean City” as a program in 2019. Its main objectives are:  

  • Address visual blight (trash, graffiti, dangerous building, abandoned vehicles, etc.)
  • Address unscheduled collection of waste and litter from the City’s public areas/thoroughfares
  • Expedite the clean-up of such illegal dumps
  • Clean up homeless encampments
  • Support Yakima Police Department officers in unlawful camping enforcement
  • Provide coordination with neighborhoods for annual clean-up events
  • Create educational components
  • Engage with community partners and volunteers

Clean City, under the direction of the City’s Public Works Division, coordinates the efforts of several City departments and community partners. They include:

City of Yakima Public Works:

– Public Works Administration

– Refuse Division

– Streets & Traffic Division

– Parks & Recreation Division

City of Yakima Codes Division

City of Yakima Legal Department

Yakima Police Department

Sunrise Outreach

Click for more about the City of Yakima Public Works Division.