Community members assist with snow removal

Throughout the city of Yakima, neighbors are helping neighbors with removing snow from driveways and sidewalks during a winter that has seen record snowfall during the month of February.

One example is in the Meadowbrook area where Elder Pinhey, a missionary with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, has been assisting residents with snow removal.

“People contact us if they need snow removal,” Pinhey said. “If there’s a big project we’ll have a bigger group help.”

He said others helping with the snow removal effort include Elder Hancock, Elder Perdue and Elder Leonard.

Community members can call 571-1290 if they are in need of snow removal assistance.

“It’s really satisfying,” PInhey said of helping others with snow removal. “The best part is seeing their reactions afterward, just seeing them happy.”

The City of Yakima reminds residents that snow removal from sidewalks in front of their homes and businesses is their responsibility. Snow removal tips include:

  • The best time to shovel snow is immediately after it falls and before ice can begin to form.
  • After you clear the sidewalk of snow, you may choose to apply an ice-melting substance. The City of Yakima recommends use of Calcium Chloride, (sometimes called “hot melt”) rather than Sodium Chloride (Rock Salt) because it is less damaging to sidewalks and plants. Also, it works at a much lower temperature, so it is more effective in freezing conditions.
  • If your home or business is at a corner, please remove the snow from the sidewalk ramps so children, and other pedestrians can cross the street.
  • Dig out fire hydrants for your safety.

The City also encourages checking up on relatives and neighbors to see how they are coping with winter weather.