Downtown Landscaping Project to Conserve Water

Work is now underway in Downtown Yakima on a landscaping project that will conserve water.

The project involves installing new soil, irrigation lines and plants that require little water in landscaping areas around the City of Yakima’s 2nd Street parking lot.

“There is a two-fold purpose: One is to conserve water and the other is to install a demonstration garden to show residents and businesses an alternative to grass and high-water-use plants,” said Water/Irrigation Manager David Brown. “We are showing that low-water-use gardens can be beautiful. We have focused on planting native, low-water-use species that are aesthetically pleasing.”

A total of 15 different low-water-use plants will be installed. They include Red Day Lilly, Orange Flowering Quince, Munstead Lavender, and Weeping Norway Spruce.

The project includes an area along the east side of 2nd Street from Yakima Avenue to Staff Sgt. Pendleton Way. Work is expected to wrap up by the end of this month.

Costs for the new water-conservation effort are being covered from about $40,000 in Yakima Basin Integrated Plan grant funds through the Washington State Department of Ecology. An additional $20,000 for the project is being funded from the City’s Central Business District account and special project funds from the Downtown Yakima Business Improvement District account.

The Downtown Association of Yakima (DAY) is partnering with the City in daily coordination of the project.

“We appreciate DAY’s partnership with the City in participating in this project,” said Economic Development Manager Sean Hawkins. “This will help beautify the Downtown area while conserving water.”

The project will reduce water consumption at the landscaping site by about a third, Brown said. Much of the previous landscaping around the 2nd Street parking lot had been there for 20 or 30 years or more, he said.

For additional information about this project, contact Brown at 575-6204 or Hawkins at 575-6274.

Downtown Landscaping Project – News Release