Downtown Yakima Welcomes New Windows Alive! Exhibit

The new Windows Alive! art exhibit opens this Friday, April 5th, in Downtown Yakima. It can be seen along the northside of Yakima Avenue between Hotel Maison and 3rd Street.

The exhibit will be available for viewing through late September.

The artists’ brief bios, complete statements and a sample of their respective works can be found at

Following are the Central Washington artists selected for the new Spring/Summer 2024 Windows Alive! exhibit, including an excerpt from their artist bios/statements,

  • Christine Talbott-Carter: “I challenge myself to use photography to turn the ordinary into art. I play with reflections from mirrors, glass objects and windows…when I discover an image that excites me, it feels like serendipitous magic.”
  • Habitat for Humanity: “The Faces of Habitat seen here are just a few of the caring people who help the organization change lives. These individuals come from all walks of life, situations and beliefs, but together they share a common goal and make the mission of Habitat for Humanity a reality.”
  • Lisa Harmon: “My art is an extension of a lifelong artistic journey that began with music, continued with writing and landed on paint and brushes. For me, painting is a daily endeavor, working primarily with acrylic on canvas.”
  • Natalie Biegler: “In my portrait oil paintings, I explore the consuming subconscious mood of the subject. The mood is the loud color and vague environment, with the subjects themselves being symbolic and strange. A preoccupied identity.”
  • Dr. Yesenia Navarrete Hunter: “This project is called ‘Land Acknowledgment’ and includes paintings, wood burning, wood carving, dyed eggs and lino prints. These pieces come together to evoke questions about our relationship to land, place and place-making.”

Each artist received a $250 stipend.

The Yakima Arts Commission, an advisory group appointed by the Yakima City Council, developed the Windows Alive! idea to harness the creativity of Central Washington artists.

Now in its 11th year, Windows Alive exhibits have featured artwork of over 130 Central Washington artists.

Following a submission and evaluation process, the above artists were chosen to be part of the latest “Windows Alive!” exhibition.