Irrigation Improvement Project Update

P.O.W. Contracting, Inc., a Pasco-based construction firm, is the primary contractor for an approximately $980,000 project that will improve the irrigation system in several neighborhoods in Yakima. Work on the West Yakima Irrigation System Phase 2 Improvements project will continue in the coming weeks and is expected to be completed by the start of the 2015 irrigation season this spring.

During the week of January 26th, 2015, the contractor will continue trench installation of new 6-inch PVC irrigation main along the north side of Summitview between 24th Avenue and 20th Avenue.

The project will improve the irrigation water delivery system in neighborhoods between Summitview Avenue to the south, Lincoln Avenue to the north, 21st Avenue to the east, and 37th Avenue to the west.

As part of the project, approximately 5,130 linear feet of new 3-inch and 4-inch high-density polyethylene (“HDPE”) pipe and approximately 7,390 linear feet of new 3-inch to 12-inch polyvinyl chloride (“PVC”) pipe will be installed. More than 200 new irrigation service connections will also be completed as part of the project.

While the project is underway, construction equipment such as backhoes and dump trucks will be used. Traffic control devices will be used in the areas of construction and traffic will be routed around project areas.  Travel will periodically be restricted to one lane in each direction on Summitview Avenue through the project area. Although access may be temporarily restricted in the immediate areas of construction, access to homes in the project area will be maintained as best as possible.

Funding for the project is provided from the City’s Irrigation Capital Improvement budget.

For more information about the project, contact Water/Irrigation Engineer Mike Shane at 576-6480.

Irrigation Improvement Project Update – News Release