New Striping Highlights Washington Avenue Acceleration Lane

City of Yakima crews recently added striping on Washington Avenue at the intersection with 48th Avenue to better delineate an acceleration lane that was added last fall.

The solid white line is intended to highlight the dedicated acceleration lane for drivers turning left off of 48th Avenue, going eastbound on Washington Avenue.

“The acceleration lane is meant to improve the operation and safety at the intersection by reducing delays for vehicles turning left and by allowing turning traffic to merge with eastbound Washington Avenue traffic after getting up to similar speed,” said Supervising Traffic Engineer Robert Washabaugh.

Drivers are reminded that when they turn, they should do so into the lane closest to them and should not cross the solid white line when turning left.

For more about the acceleration lane and new striping on Washington Avenue, contact Supervising Traffic Engineer Robert Washabaugh at 509-576-6601.