New Windows Alive! Exhibit in Downtown Yakima

The new Windows Alive! art exhibit is now on display in Downtown Yakima. It can be seen along the northside of Yakima Avenue between Hotel Maison and 3rd Street.

The artists’ brief bios, complete statements and a sample of their respective works can be found at

Following are the Central Washington artists selected for the new Fall/Winter 2023 Windows Alive! exhibit, including an excerpt from their artist bios/statements,

  • Braydon Maier: “My art is a way for me to escape the overwhelming and complex life that we live in. It’s a way for me to escape right where I’m at without having to physically go somewhere.”
  • Alice Gardner: “I love decorating and crafting. My studio is a hashing of beads, stacks of materials, a bookshelf of dried flowers, sticks and quilts.”
  • Skylar Stephens: “Nighttime is my canvas, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. The play of light against the backdrop of darkness brings out an entirely new dimension in my work.”
  • Daniel Tennison: “America’s National Parks system houses some of the most breathtaking views nature has to offer. These photos depict scenes from three national parks; Yosemite, Zion and Mount Rainier.”
  • Ellie Gilmore: “I am passionate about using various media; including paint, clay and others, to convey my emotions, ideas and experiences through tactile art.”
  • Daniel Mendoza: “My inspiration comes out through mixed media collage. I find myself drawn to color(s) and the ‘clash’ with black & white imagery to draw a deeper perspective from the observer.”

Each artist received a $250 stipend.

The Yakima Arts Commission, an advisory group appointed by the Yakima City Council, developed the Windows Alive! idea to harness the creativity of Central Washington artists.

Now in its 10th year, Windows Alive exhibits have featured artwork of over 120 Central Washington artists.

Following a submission and evaluation process, the above artists were chosen to be part of the latest “Windows Alive!” exhibition.