New Windows Alive! Exhibit Now Available

The new Windows Alive! art exhibit is now on display in Downtown Yakima. It can be seen along the northside of Yakima Avenue between Hotel Maison and 3rd Street.

The artists, their complete artist statements and a sample of their respective works can be found at

Following are the Central Washington artists selected for the new Windows Alive! exhibit, including an excerpt from their artist statements,

  • Madeline Crowder: “Spontaneity is integral to my artistic process. It makes my work an honest reflection of my feelings and experiences, although I rarely create with the conscious intention to express a particular idea.”
  • Kaerli Gray: “I have lived in Yakima County for most of my life and find pleasure in capturing the beauty of the people and nature that this wonderful place has to offer through drawing, painting and photography.”
  • Cecilia Marie Hudon: “I truly believe that the ability to create art is in all of us, because everything is art. The creation of anything that stems from ones imagination, emotions and feelings is simply beautiful to me.”
  • Yusuf Incetas has been handcrafting art cloth dolls since 2014. His latest work centers on issues and represents a message with each doll. His previous exhibits have included displays at the Larson Gallery and Moses Lake Art Center.
  • Leticia Mendoza Macedo: “My medium is 2D digital painting, but I’m open to a range of different art. I like to draw with pencil, pen and color pencils first, then I move that drawing into Photoshop where I paint it out using paint & smudge to blend.

Each received a $250 stipend.

Eight years ago, the Yakima Arts Commission, an advisory group appointed by the Yakima City Council, developed the Windows Alive! idea to harness the creativity of Central Washington artists.

Following a submission and evaluation process, the above artists were chosen to be part of the latest “Windows Alive!” exhibition.