One-Way Streets Planned Near Hoover Elementary School

Effective Friday, August 21st, South 4th Avenue and South 6th Avenue will be one-way streets in the vicinity of Hoover Elementary School.

South 4th Avenue will be one-way southbound between Viola Avenue and Logan Avenue. South 6th Avenue will be one-way northbound between Logan Avenue and Viola Avenue. Intersections where those streets intersect will become all-way stop controlled.

On Thursday, August 20th, City of Yakima crews will revise traffic signage in the area around Hoover Elementary School to reflect the one-way street ordinance the Yakima City Council approved during its July 21st regular meeting.

The ordinance was the result of a request by the Yakima School District last year, and a subsequent public meeting the City held at Hoover Elementary School on November 14th, 2019.

“The existing two-way vehicular traffic on South 4th Avenue and South 6th Avenue potentially places students in an unsafe situation,” said Public Works Director Scott Schafer. “This action will greatly reduce the need to cross the streets and limit student exposure to moving vehicles.”

For additional information about this project, contact Streets and Traffic Operations Manager Joe Rosenlund at 576-6430.