One-Way Traffic Changes on Jerome Avenue, Fairbanks Avenue

Sections of Jerome Avenue and Fairbanks Avenue in the vicinity of Garfield Elementary School will be subject to one-way traffic restrictions effective Thursday, August 15th.

Beginning August 15th, traffic on Jerome Avenue will be one-way eastbound between Campbell Lane and North 6th Avenue. Also as of that date, Fairbanks Avenue will be one-way westbound between Custer Avenue and 6th Avenue.

“The goal is to improve pedestrian and student safety near Garfield Elementary School,” said Interim Assistant City Manager Scott Schafer. “These traffic changes have been proposed by the Yakima School District, Garfield Elementary School, as well as the City of Yakima.”

A public information on Safe Routes to Schools was held May 29th at Garfield Elementary School. At that meeting, the City provided opportunity for the community to comment on the one-way proposals.

The Yakima City Council then formally approved the traffic revisions on Jerome Avenue and Fairbanks Avenue during the Council’s regular meeting on July 16th.

The one-way traffic changes are part of overall pedestrian and transportation improvements in the vicinity of Garfield Elementary School. Planned construction includes sidewalks, ramps at some intersections, and new curb and gutter through the Washington State Department of Transportation’s (WSDOT) Safe Routes to School program.