Parks and Recreation Unveils “Bearable Adventure”

A community outreach of hope and support during the COVID-19 pandemic is the focus of Yakima Parks and Recreation’s new “Bearable Adventure” initiative.

“Bearable Adventure” calls for Yakima residents to place a teddy bear in a window as a symbol of comfort. Yakima residents are encouraged to get outdoors and, while practicing social distancing, search for bears in their neighborhoods and local businesses.

“We encourage residents to join Yakima’s Bearable Adventure to show support for the well-being of our community during this ‘beary’ trying time,” said Yakima Parks and Recreation Manager Ken /Wilkinson. “It is an opportunity to create connections during this social-distanced time of COVID-19.”

Here’s how to participate:

  • Get active on a walk, run or ride through the community and be on the lookout for teddy bears waving to you from the windows.
  • Keep track of how many you can find in one outing and be sure to take note of your favorite teddy bear display.
  • Place any teddy bear in your front home windows, on porches, lawns, store fronts or anywhere visible to those passing by.

Share your Yakima bear adventures on the Yakima Parks and Recreation Facebook page,

At the end of this project Parks and Recreation will announce the bearable display that is most “loved” and “liked.” The program is scheduled to end October 6th, the tentative date for National Night Out.

Be on the lookout for special bear challenges from Yakima Parks and Recreation and local businesses.  Click for more about A Bearable Adventure, as well as a scavenger hunt and Bears in the Park Game.

Yakima Parks and Recreation partnered with the Yakima Police Department, Hogback Development and Safe Yakima Valley on the project to spark community participation and engagement with local neighborhoods and businesses. 

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