Phase 3 of North 1st Street Revitalization Project Begins Soon

The third of three phases for the North 1st Street Revitalization Project will begin Monday, February 5th.

Phase 3 includes North 1st Street from Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to I Street. Expected impacts include:

  • Traffic in this section of North 1st Street will be one lane in each direction 24/7 for the duration of the project. It is expected to be complete in Fall 2025.
  • Traffic may be reduced to one lane but only for short durations.
  • Traffic signals in the project area will be set to flashing red, all-way stop.

Access will be maintained to homes and businesses in the project area.

“The North 1st Street Revitalization Project is intended to improve safety for drivers and pedestrians. Another goal is to increase the economic development potential of the North 1st Street corridor, one of the city’s main entrances,” said Communications & Public Affairs Director Randy Beehler. “We appreciate the community’s patience and understanding during Phase 3 of this vital project.”

Phase 3 is expected to cost about $11.7 million. It is being paid for with approximately $9.8 million in federal funds and $1.5 million in state funds. The remainder is paid for with a combination of Transportation Benefit District funds (a $20 annual car tab fee adopted by the Yakima City Council during its 2018 budget process) as well as local utilities.

Phase 2 was completed and approved for acceptance by the Yakima City Council on May 2nd, 2023. The cost for Phase 2 was about $2.6 million. It was funded through a combination of water, sewer and stormwater funds and $20 annual car tab fees.

Phase 1 of the North 1st Street Revitalization Project was completed in December 2019. It included improvements between Highway 12 to the north and N Street to the south. It cost about $3.3 million and funded mostly with federal and state funds.

For more about North 1st Street revitalization call Utility Project Manager Dana Kallevig at 509-249-6813.

Regular updates on the progress of Phase 3 will be provided through the City’s various communications platforms including the City website, City social media sites, news releases and Y-PAC programming.

There is also a dedicated banner page about Phase 3 atop the City of Yakima website at