Pit bull ban repeal takes effect Sept. 23rd

A long-standing ban on pit bull dogs in the city of Yakima will be lifted effective this Sunday, September 23rd.

During its meeting on August 21st, the Yakima City Council repealed Municipal Code Chapter 6.18 that banned pit bull dogs. Prior to that, the Council previously amended Municipal Code 6.20, which added language regarding dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs. 

The repeal of Chapter 6.18 takes effect 30 days after passage and legal publication as provided by law and by the City Charter.

When the City of Yakima ban is repealed effective Sept. 23rd, pit bull dogs will be subject to all City requirements related to dogs.

They include:

  • Keeping dogs on a leash when they are being walked.
  • Pit bulls, like all dogs in the City, need to be registered and licensed at Yakima City Hall.          
  • Their rabies vaccination must also be current.                                      
  • They are prohibited from jumping on or barking at pedestrians on public sidewalks and streets.

Visit www.yakimawa.gov/services/animal-control/ for more information, and to view all of the City of Yakima documents and codes related to dog ownership in the city.

Pit Bull Ban Repeal – News Release