Public and Others Asked to Comment on Comprehensive Plan Update

Yakima community members, government agencies, tribal entities, and others are being asked to provide preliminary input to the City of Yakima regarding proposed updates to its Comprehensive Plan before an early November comment cutoff date.

Under Washington State law, local jurisdictions are required to adopt and regularly update a Comprehensive Plan, a document that helps guide land use and other local planning processes.  The City of Yakima is currently undergoing the required update process for its Comprehensive Plan 2040, which must be completed by June 2017.

The Washington State Growth Management Act (“GMA”) was adopted by the state legislature in 1990 in response to rapid population growth and concerns with suburban sprawl, environmental protection, quality of life, etc.  The GMA requires most local jurisdictions in the state to adopt and update a Comprehensive Plan to address sprawl reduction, affordable housing, economic development, open space and recreation, regional transportation, environmental protection, property rights, historic lands and buildings, public facilities and services, shoreline management, and other related issues.

“An updated Comprehensive Plan will mean more housing choices, new places to work, better connected roads and parks, new recreation opportunities, and improved public services,” said Senior Planner Joseph Calhoun.  “Existing elements of the City’s Comprehensive Plan that are proposed to be updated included land use, economic development, housing, transportation, capital facilities, utilities, parks and recreation, and natural environment as well as its vision statement.  New elements being considered include energy and historic preservation,” said Calhoun.

The City has determined that the proposed updates are likely to have a significant impact on the environment.  Because of that, state law requires that a supplemental environmental impact statement (“SEIS”) be prepared.  Public comments on the SEIS Scoping Notice have to be received by the City by 5:00 pm on Friday, November 4th.  Following the comment period, the City will evaluate all comments it receives and determine the scope of environmental review.  At that time, the alternatives and the integrated Plan/SEIS will be developed.

Written comments on the Scoping Notice can be sent by postal mail to Joseph Calhoun, Senior Planner, 129 N. 2nd Street, Yakima, Wa. 98901 or by e-mail to

Anyone interested in looking at documents related to the Scoping Notice and the proposed updates to the City Comprehensive Plan can do so online by clicking on the following link to the City of Yakima’s website –

For more information about the City of Yakima Comprehensive Plan update process can contact Calhoun by phone at 575-6042 or by e-mail at

Yakima Comprehensive Plan 2010 – News Release