Safety Concerns Prompt Action on Naches Avenue Trees

Old age has caught up with a number of century-old trees that line the historic Naches Avenue Parkway in Downtown Yakima.  A total of eight trees are slated to be removed and another seven will be trimmed to prevent damage from falling tree limbs during high winds.

The action was prompted by an incident in early June, in which a large tree limb fell and damaged a parked car along Naches Avenue.  Fortunately, no one was injured, but the incident generated concern about the condition of other trees along Naches Avenue.

The Naches Avenue Parkway is part of the City’s parks system.  After a review by Senske Lawn & Tree Care, the Yakima Parks & Recreation Division received a recommendation to have eight trees along the parkway removed and to have seven others significantly trimmed.  Senske estimated the cost of the work would be $15,600.

Most of the tree work will be on South Naches Avenue and is slated to begin on Monday, July 15th. The trees to be removed include three silver maples between Race Street and Beech Street, two silver maples between Beech and Maple Street, a black locust between Maple and Pine Street, another black locust between Pine and Spruce Street, and a silver maple between and Walnut Avenue.

Five trees between East H Street and East F Street will also be cleaned up, as well one tree off Chestnut Avenue and another in the 200 block of South Naches Avenue.

“No one likes to see trees removed” said Yakima Parks and Recreation Manager Ken Wilkinson.   “But the old trees on the parkway are now getting the attention that they have needed for a while.  The work that’s being done will eliminate what could be a dangerous situation and make the Naches Avenue Parkway safer for everyone.”

Wilkinson said that new trees will be planted after an evaluation is done following the tree removal and trimming work.  The evaluation will help to determine how many new trees should be planted and what species of trees will fit in best along the parkway.


Contact:   Parks & Recreation Manager Ken Wilkinson — 576-6416

                  Community Relations Manager Randy Beehler –  901-1142


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