SunComm Staging 8th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

For the past seven years, the dispatchers and calltakers at SunComm, Yakima’s 9-1-1 emergency services agency, have put on a fundraiser during October as part of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The 8th Annual SunComm Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser will take place on Tuesday, October 6th.

What started out as a relatively small event has continued to grow each year. The 2014 fundraiser was no exception, generating more than $4,000.

“We try to raise more money every year than we did the year before,” said Stacey Garcia, a SunComm Public Safety Communications Supervisor who organizes the fundraising event along with co-worker Katy Ybarra.

Since the SunComm crew began staging the fundraiser seven years ago, all of the proceeds have gone to support the operations of Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital’s ‘Ohana Mammography Center.

“We’re working very hard to increase the total amount that we’ll be able to donate to ‘Ohana this year,” said Garcia. “With the help of the community, we’re confident we’ll get there.”

This year’s fundraiser will take place on October 6th from 11:00 am until 7:00 pm in the Yakima Police Department Training Room located at 201 South 3rd Street directly across from the City’s Richard A. Zais Law & Justice Center.

As in past years, the event will include a hot dog lunch, complete with chips and soda, a nacho bar, and a bake sale featuring items prepared by SunComm employees, their friends, and family members. Pink hair extensions will also be sold during the fundraiser for $10.00 a piece and a 50/50 raffle will be held.

“We’ve had such wonderful participation by the entire community over the years that has kept this event going and growing,” said Garcia. “In addition to the contributions from SunComm employees, we have local businesses that make donations, school kids who raise money, and a lot of other people who step up and help out. That’s happening again this year and we are looking forward to another very successful fundraiser,” said Garcia.

Anyone interested in being part of the 8th Annual SunComm Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser by volunteering, donating baked goods, providing a direct donation, etc. can contact either Stacey Garcia or Katy Ybarra at SunComm at 575-3012.

SunComm Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser – News Release