Water Level To Be Lowered At Randall Park Pond

In preparation for construction work to begin on a new observation deck, the water level at the Randall Park pond needs to be lowered. Visitors to the park will begin noticing the change this week.

“Lowering the water level will be done gradually, and we don’t want anyone to be concerned while the process is underway,” said Yakima Parks and Recreation Manager Ken Wilkinson. “We will keep the impact on wildlife to a minimum during the drawdown and construction phases of the project,” added Wilkinson.

Once the process is finished, the level of the pond will be about a foot lower than it normally is this time of year.

Construction on the new observation deck is being funded by a generous donation from the Southwest Yakima Rotary Club. The civic organization has pledged $30,000 for design, development, and construction and will also donate another $30,000 worth of volunteer labor, materials, supplies and professional services.

Work on the observation deck is planned to begin in March and should be completed by early summer.

“The old observation deck is very tired and has been in need of replacement for years,” said Wilkinson.  “We are so grateful to be able to partner with Southwest Yakima Rotary on a project that will help make what is already a great park even better.”

Randall Park covers more than 40-acres and is located north of West Washington Avenue between 44th and 48th Avenues.

For more information about the project, contact Yakima Parks & Recreation Manager Ken Wilkinson at 576-6416.


Randall Park Water Level News Release pdf