Water Treatment Plant Earns Outstanding Performance Honor

The City of Yakima Water Treatment Plant is earning statewide praise as it received the Gold Certificate of Achievement for 10 years of outstanding performance.

It was presented by the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) Office of Drinking Water for meeting the high standards of DOH’s Treatment Optimization Program for 10 continuous years, 2010-2019.

“Yakima is well served by dedicated employees who made this award possible,” said City of Yakima Director of Public Works Scott Schafer. “Their efforts are commendable and much appreciated.”

To receive this award, the City’s plant also met other stringent criteria related to protecting public health. Yakima’s is one of just eight water treatment plants in the state receiving the Gold Certificate this year.

“Achieving consistently high drinking water quality like this is the mark of a highly dedicated and skilled water department staff,” said DOH Office of Drinking Water Director Mike Means. “My congratulations for 10 years of outstanding performance.”

Click https://www.yakimawa.gov/services/water-irrigation/water-treatment-water-quality/ for more about the City of Yakima’s water treatment and water quality programs.