Weather Causing Delays for Yakima Transit

Due to weather conditions, Yakima Transit will have delays to all routes. Riders may experience 20 to 30 minute delays at each bus stop.

The Yakima area continues to be under a Winter Weather Advisory issued by the National Weather Service. It is in effect through 12:00 pm today, Friday, December 29th.

The City of Yakima urges residents to use caution when driving during the weather advisory and to limit travel if possible.

The City also reminds property owners that for public safety, it is the responsibility of all the adjoining property owners, residential, businesses and industries to clear the sidewalks of snow and ice in a timely manner after the winter event.

There is limited, but available, volunteer help for those who are physically unable to clear snow. A waiting list does exist, but inquiries can be made to the Office of Neighborhood Development at 575-6101.

If property owners do not comply and are cited, there is a $50 per day penalty for failure to keep the sidewalk in a safe condition for pedestrians including school children, the elderly, transit users and the general public [Yakima Municipal Code 8.88].

Weather Causing Delays for Yakima Transit – News Release