Yakima City Council Approves Truck Routes

The Yakima City Council has approved a truck route system to limit truck use on local streets, as well as other non-truck route arterial streets. Council members took the action after a public hearing during their regular meeting on Monday, August 6th.

The truck route network is intended to concentrate truck traffic to better accommodate truck turning movements, facilitate truck route enforcement, protect residential areas from unnecessary truck traffic, and protect the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

The City’s 22 truck routes are:

  • North/South 1st Street from Interstate 82/Highway 12 Interchange south to City Limits.
  • North 5th Avenue between Fruitvale Boulevard and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.
  • North/South 16th Avenue from Highway 12 south to Ahtanum Road.
  • North/South 40th Avenue from Highway 12 south to West Washington Avenue.
  • South 64th Avenue between Tieton Drive and Ahtanum Road.
  • West “I” Street between North 1st Street and North 6th Avenue.
  • Fruitvale Boulevard between North 5th Avenue and North 40th Avenue.
  • Summitview Avenue from North 40th Avenue west to the City Limits.
  • East/West Nob Hill Boulevard between the east City Limits and South 72nd Avenue.
  • East/West Washington Avenue between South 1st Street and South 64th Avenue.
  • East Lincoln Avenue between Fair Avenue and North 5th Avenue.
  • East Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard between Fair Avenue and North 5th Avenue.
  • Fair Avenue between Lincoln/MLK Couplet and Nob Hill Boulevard.
  • Tieton Drive from 40th Avenue west to the City Limits.
  • Pacific Avenue from Fair Avenue to 18th Street.
  • 18th Street from Pacific Avenue to Mead Avenue.
  • Sixth Avenue from ‘I’ Street to Gordon Road.
  • Ahtanum Road from 16th Avenue to west City Limits.
  • 72nd Avenue from Summitview Avenue to Nob Hill Boulevard.
  • Yakima Avenue between the east City Limits and North 8th Street.
  • 96th Avenue between Summitview Avenue and Tieton Drive.
  • River Road between 6th Avenue and Fruitvale Boulevard.

Click http://bit.ly/TruckRouteOrdinance for the truck route ordinance the Council approved on August 6th. It includes links to the ordinance and a City of Yakima truck route map.

Last September, the Council authorized the creation of an ad-hoc committee to review potential truck routes, receive public comment, and recommend routes. The Council’s Economic Development Committee reviewed those recommendations on May 24th, 2018 and forwarded them to the full City Council for consideration.

For more information about City truck routes, contact Planning Manager Joseph Calhoun at 575-6042.

City of Yakima Truck Routes – News Release