Yakima City Council April 19th Regular Meeting Review

The Yakima City Council held a regular meeting on Tuesday, April 19th.

Action taken by the Council included:

  • Appointing Colleda Monick to the Planning Commission
  • Adopting the Yakima City Council Election Districts 2022 map
  • Approving an ordinance amending the City of Yakima Municipal Code, Chapter 1.04: City Council Election Districts and adopting the updated districting map entitled: Yakima City Council Election Districts 2022
  • Receiving a report on police technology and crime analysts

Click the following link to watch on-demand Y-PAC coverage of the April 19th Council regular meeting – Yakima City Council (yakimawa.gov)

The April 19th Yakima City Council regular meeting airs on Yakima Public Affairs Channel (Y-PAC), Charter Spectrum channel 194. Scheduled air times include 7:00 pm today, Thursday, April 21st.

The City Council’s next meeting is a study session on Tuesday, April 26th, at 5:00 pm.

The meeting will be held in Council Chambers and remotely via Zoom. It will air live on Y-PAC and be streamed live on the City of Yakima website at https://www.yakimawa.gov/council/live-stream/