Yakima City Council May 16th Regular Meeting Review

The Yakima City Council held a regular meeting on Tuesday, May 16th.

Action taken during the Council meeting included:

  • Issuing a Missing and Unidentified Persons Awareness Month proclamation
  • Introducing Purchasing Manager Kristine White
  • Holding a discussion about establishing a coalition of community partners to address chronic repeat offenders of misdemeanor crime
  • Authorizing $125,000 of ARPA Funds for air service fund
  • Amending the City of Yakima Municipal Code Section 1.34 related to the Community Integration Committee

Click the following to watch on-demand Y-PAC coverage of the May 16th Council meeting – Yakima City Council 05-16-23 (yakimawa.gov)

The May 16th Yakima City Council regular meeting airs on Yakima Public Affairs Channel (Y-PAC), Charter Spectrum channel 194, beginning at 7:00 pm today, Wednesday, May 17th.

The City Council’s next meeting is a budget review study session on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023, at 4:00 pm at the Harman Center.