Yakima County News Release – Amnesty Program for Delinquent Court Accounts Extended

Click the following for a Yakima County news release announcing an Amnesty Program for delinquent court accounts is extended through the month of March – News Flash • Yakima County, WA • CivicEngage

The City of Yakima Municipal Court is among courts in the area participating in this Amnesty Program, which was originally offered for the month of February. Yakima Municipal Court received over $47,000 in paid fines during February as a result of the amnesty program.

This opportunity is available to help pay off fines in collection. By doing so, you can avoid future collection fees and legal actions such as garnishment or property liens. This may also eliminate barriers towards obtaining or reinstating your driver’s license.

NOTE: Garnishment and bankruptcy cases do not qualify for the Amnesty Program.

Call Yakima Municipal Court at 509-575-3050 for more about the City’s participation in this program.