Yakima Parks and Recreation Issues 2020 Winter/Spring Guide

The return of April Pools Day (a free family swim activity), youth soccer as well as winter and spring co-rec volleyball are just a few of the seasonal offerings available in the 2020 Winter/Spring Program Guide issued recently by Yakima Parks and Recreation.

The 16-page guide is available at Yakima Parks and Recreation offices (2301 Fruitvale Boulevard), as well as online at https://yakimaparks.com/assets/2019-2020-Winter-Spring-Program-Guide.pdf

One of the guide’s highlights is the 30th Annual Snowball Tournament set for January 25th and 16th. The popular softball tournament’s registration deadline is Tuesday, January 14th.

“All games are played with a 16-inch softball that, weather conditions permitting, rapidly turns into an icy mushball,” said Parks and Recreation Manager Ken Wilkinson. “We supply smudge pots and, with a little luck, there will hopefully be lots of snow!”

For more information about City of Yakima organized Winter/Spring activities click the link above or call Yakima Parks and Recreation at 575-6020.