Amending Transportation Benefit District Project List

Aspen Estates Phase 2 Preliminary Plat

Master Planned Development 502 S. 90th Ave.

Master Planned Development 9503, 9509, and 9515 Tieton Drive

Apple Tree No. 4 Phase 2 Preliminary Plat

Refuse Rate Increase

2022 Ad Valorem Tax and Bond Levy Taxes

2022 Budget Hearing Notice

Refuse & Stormwater Tax Increase

Pedestrian Master Plan

Anderson Park Annexation

Amendments to Critical Areas Ordinance

Amending Transportation Benefit District Project List

2021 JAG Grant

Shoreline Master Program Update

Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program for 2022-2027

Intent To Modify Tourism Promotion Area (TPA)

Housing Action Plan

Moratorium Pertaining to Class 2 and Class 3 Uses in the R-3 Zoning District

Rezone of Property at 4209 Sorenson Rd

Declaration of Surplus Property – Utility Easement

Pottenger’s Place Preliminary Plat