Additional Ballot Counts Change Little from Election Night Returns

More ballots in the 2014 General Election were counted today, but the latest returns have not had much effect on the initial counts that were conducted on election night. The race for 4th District U.S. Representative has tightened by comparison to last night, but the remainder of the races Yakima area voters are paying the most attention remain essentially unchanged.

Yakima voters are continuing to overwhelmingly support Proposition 1, which would require the City to contribute not less than $750,000 a year to a fund that would be used for maintenance of existing, and to build new, Parks & Recreation facilities. The latest returns in the 2014 General Election show Proposition 1 receiving 68.32% Yes votes and 31.68% No votes.

In other local contests, Charles Ross leads Micah Cawley in their race for Yakima County Auditor 58.10% to 40.45%, Janelle Riddle has received 66.79% of the vote compared to Sarah Matheny’s 30.06% in the Yakima County Clerk’s race, Joe Brusic leads his Yakima County Prosecuting Attorney opponent Troy Clements 52.45% to 46.32%, Brian Winter has 59.83% and Jim Keightley has 38.99% of the vote in their race for Yakima County Sheriff, and incumbent Rand Elliott leads challenger Curtis Vangstad 63.97 % to 35.27% in the race for Yakima County Commissioner, District 3.

All of the above races are only being voted on by voters in Yakima County. Yakima County uses an all-mail-in voting system, so ballots that are postmarked before midnight on November 4th will still be considered valid. Additional ballot counts will be conducted over the next several days. Ballot counts will continue periodically until all of the ballots that were received before the midnight November 4th deadline have been tabulated. The 2014 General Election will be certified on November 25th.

Here are the latest returns in races for elected positions representing districts that include portions of Yakima County AND neighboring counties:

  • 4th U.S. Representative – Dan Newhouse 50.88% – Clint Didier 49.12%
  • 14th State Rep., Pos. 1 – Norm Johnson 57.68% – Michael Brumback 42.32%
  • 14th State Rep., Pos. 2 – Gina McCabe 69.69% – Paul George 30.31%
  • 13th State Rep., Pos. 1 – Tom Dent 62.69% – Dannette Bolyard 37.31%
  • 13th State Senator – Judith Warnick 87.11% – Mohammad Said 12.89%
  • 15th State Rep., Pos. 2 – David Taylor 74.49% – Teodora Martinez-Chavez 25.51%
  • 15th State Senator – Jim Honeyford 74.91% – Gabriel Munoz 25.09%

To see the latest returns in races for elected positions representing districts that include portions of Yakima County and neighboring counties, as well as statewide races (which include two initiatives, two advisory votes, and two State Supreme Court races), click on the following link to the Washington State Secretary of State’s website –

2014 General Election Returns – #3 – News Release