Annual Maintenance Will Close Lions Pool for About Two Weeks

Lions Pool, an indoor facility owned and operated by the City of Yakima, will be closed for a little more than two weeks beginning in the middle of August so that needed annual maintenance on the pool can be performed.

Lions Pool will be closed from 1:00 pm on Friday, August 14th until 6:00 am on Monday, August 31st.

Yakima Parks & Recreation crews will spruce up several parts of the facility during the closure. The pool itself will be drained and repainted. Filters that ensure water in the pool is clean will also be replaced. A rack that is part of the filtration system will also be rebuilt. And, new coats of paint will be applied to the pool’s restrooms and lobby.

“We ask the users of Lions Pool to be patient while we get the needed annual maintenance taken care of,” said Yakima Parks & Recreation Manager Ken Wilkinson. “There is never a perfect time to close the pool for annual maintenance, but this time of year tends to be the slowest at Lions. So now is a good time to get the work done,” said Wilkinson. “When we reopen Lions Pool, it will be fresh and clean and ready to go for another year.”

For more information about regular sessions, swim lessons, lap swimming and the many other programs offered year ‘round at Lions Pool, look at pages 4 and 5 in the current Yakima Parks & Recreation Program Guide online at

Annual Lions Pool Maintenance – News Release