Brush Being Removed Along Powerhouse Canal Pathway

City of Yakima Water/Irrigation Division crews will begin work in late January to remove woody, invasive plants that are creating problems along the Powerhouse Canal Pathway. Woody, invasive plants will be remove from areas adjacent to the pathway between 24th Avenue and 28th Avenue as well as between 31st Avenue and 40th Avenue.

“The scrub brush that is growing along the pathway creates a fire hazard,” said Yakima Parks & Recreation Manager Ken Wilkinson. “It also impacts visibility along the pathway, which can be a safety concern for people walking there.”

“Roots from the brush have grown into the irrigation canal pipes in some places,” said Water/Irrigation Manager Dave Brown. “The roots are restricting the flow of water through the canal pipes. Removing the brush and the roots will help resolve the flow issue,” said Brown.

Crews will not be removing trees along the pathway, but will be focusing on clearing problem underbrush.

For more information about the brush clearing project, contact Wilkinson at 576-6416 or Brown at 575-6204.
Brush Being Cleared from Powerhouse Canal Pathway – News Release