Census Workers Needed to Ensure a Complete Count in Yakima Area

The U.S. Census Bureau is encouraging people who live in the Yakima area to apply for a temporary job with the bureau to help make sure data collected during the 2020 Census is as accurate as possible.

The bureau is in the process of hiring thousands of workers to assist with the census next year.  Article 1, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution requires that a census be conducted.  Originally, the main purpose for conducting a census was to establish representation in Congress.  Today, in addition to its many other benefits, the census is an important tool for determining how state and federal funding is allocated to local governments.

“The amount of funding the City of Yakima is eligible to receive from state and federal sources is impacted by census data,” said Yakima Mayor Kathy Coffey.  “For example, funding for transportation projects, community development grants, and school construction are determined in part by the census numbers.  That’s why a complete and accurate count is so important,” said Coffey. 

How more than $675 billion in federal funding, alone, is allocated to local governments is dependent on census counts.

The Census Bureau is looking to fill a variety of positions.  Pay ranges for those positions vary.  A Census Taker in the Yakima area, for example, will make $14.50 an hour.

Anyone interested in learning more about positions being offered by the Census Bureau and how they can apply for a job is encouraged to visit the bureau’s website athttps://2020census.gov/jobs.