City Crews to Install Downtown Holiday Decorations

Crews from the City of Yakima will be installing approximately 80 lighted holiday decorations in Downtown Yakima on Wednesday, November 18th. During the operation, traffic will be restricted at times to a single lane to permit City trucks and equipment access to overhead street light and utility poles. The restrictions will only affect traffic in the immediate area where crews are working.

The work will begin around 9:00 am along the south side of Yakima Avenue and continue eastward. Once that work is completed, crews will move to the north side of Yakima Avenue near the Yakima Convention Center and continue west to 1st Street. Decorations will also be hung along 1st street between Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd and Walnut Avenue. The work is expected to be completed by noon on Wednesday.

As always, schedules for these types of projects are subject to change because of weather, equipment failure, and emergencies.

For additional information about the holiday decoration installation process, please contact Yakima Senior Traffic Systems Technician Dan Nickoloff at 576-6746.