City of Yakima Publishes 2020 Water Quality Report

The latest information about the City of Yakima’s water treatment and water quality programs is now available.

The 2020 Water Quality Report is available at 2020-Water-Quality-Report.pdf (

The report is available in Spanish at 2020 CCR (

“We hope this pamphlet will inform the community about their tap water and inspire confidence that the water we all rely on is of the highest quality possible,” said Assistant Director of Public Works David Brown. “In pursuit of that goal the Water/Irrigation Division staff is committed to around-the-clock vigilance and service. We are proud to announce the City’s tap water meets and exceeds all state and federal requirements.”

To that end, the City of Yakima will again be testing its water for lead and copper this summer. The analysis is required every three years by the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

The Yakima City Council praised the City’s drinking water quality during its meeting on October 20th, 2020. Council noted the health benefits of fluoride in City water, the cost-savings for residents in drinking tap water rather than purchasing bottled water and the environmental benefits of reduced plastic consumption by drinking less bottled water and more city tap water.

Council’s discussion followed an announcement in August 2020 that the City of Yakima Water Treatment Plant received the Gold Certificate of Achievement for 10 years of outstanding performance. The award was presented by the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) Office of Drinking Water for meeting the high standards of DOH’s Treatment Optimization Program for 10 continuous years, 2010-2019.

To receive this award, the City’s plant also met other stringent criteria related to protecting public health. Yakima’s was one of just eight water treatment plants in the state receiving the Gold Certificate in 2020.

Visit for more about the City of Yakima’s water treatment and water quality programs.

For more about the Gold Certificate of Achievement, click for a City news release issued in August 2020 when the award was first announced.