City of Yakima Seeks Input on Bike Rack Locations

Where are bike racks located in the City of Yakima? Where are they needed, or in need of repairs?

A new City of Yakima web-based app aims to help the City’s Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee find answers to those questions. 

The City has created a bike rack data collection system application online at that seeks the public’s input on where bike racks are located, where they’re needed, or where there should be more bike racks.

“Members of the Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and City staff are to be commended for their initiative in asking for the community’s suggestions about bike racks,” said City Councilmember Jason White, who is the Council’s liaison to the Committee. “The City wants to hear from its residents about enhancing bicycle access and safety, and this app is a great option for the public to weigh in.” 

Users can also upload a picture to show space where a rack is needed or if there is a damaged rack in need of repair.

“The application is pretty easy to use and is compatible with mobile devices,” said City of Yakima Chief Engineer Brett Sheffield. “Simply zoom in to the area, or use the address bar in the upper left, select one of the three categories and give a brief description.”

Visit for more information about the Bike and Pedestrian Committee or other City of Yakima commissions, committees, and boards.

Bike Rack Input – News Release