Citywide Road Resurfacing Project Update

A citywide street repaving project that began in mid May and will continue until this fall will affect traffic in several areas of Yakima from July 28th through August 4th.

From Monday, July 28th through Monday, August 4th, periodic lane closures will occur each day from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm on Walnut Street between 1st Street and 7th Avenue and on Lincoln Avenue between 1st Street and 10th Street.

The intersection of 40th Avenue and Nob Hill Boulevard will be closed to all traffic beginning at 9:00 pm on Friday, August 1st through Monday, August 4th at 5:00 pm while the intersection is rebuilt.

The following street sections will be completely closed to traffic overnight from 7:00 pm to 6:00 am on different days during the week of July 28th to August 1st:

– Lincoln between 1st Avenue and 16th Avenue

– 24th Avenue between Washington Avenue and Nob Hill Boulevard

– Nob Hill between 32nd Avenue and 48th Avenue

– 16th Avenue between Nob Hill and Englewood Avenue

– Yakima Avenue between 12th Avenue and 16th Avenue

– Tieton Drive between 16th Avenue and 33rd Avenue

– Tieton Drive between 40th Avenue and 48th Avenue

– MLK, Jr. Boulevard between 8th Street and Pierce Avenue

– Walnut Street between 1st Street and 8th Avenue

– D Street between 1st Avenue and 5th Avenue

– 3rd Avenue between Walnut and D Street

– Lincoln between 1st Street and 10th Street

– Summitview Avenue between Yakima Avenue and 16th Avenue

Detour routes will be in place so drivers can go around the closed portions of those streets.

A map showing the sections of roads that will be repaved during the project is posted on the City’s website at Updated travel alerts detailing specific sections of roads that will be impacted by the project during the week of July 21st to July 25th can also be found by clicking on that link.

Access to homes and businesses in the project areas will be maintained as best as possible and emergency vehicles will be allowed through the project areas if necessary.

For additional information regarding the grind and overlay project, contact Senior Engineer Bob Desgrosellier at 575-6228.

Grind and Overlay Project Update – News Release