Curb Home Address Marker Vendor Not Authorized by the City

Over the last few days, the City of Yakima has been contacted by several homeowners curious about people handing out flyers that offer to have home address numbers installed on the curb in front of their house.  According to the flyer, “Addresses consist of a diamond grade reflective white background with 4 inch black numbers that have a durable UV clear coat.”

The vendor, which apparently goes by the name “House Address Service”, has not applied for nor been issued a permit by the City of Yakima.  A permit is required for such installations.  Additionally, the 4-inch markers being offered by the vendor distributing the flyer do not meet City code.

“Some of the homeowners that have called the City have said they thought the vendor was offering to install the reflective home address numbers on the curb because doing so was required by the City,” said Communications & Public Affairs Director Randy Beehler.  “The City does not now nor has it ever required address numbers to be installed on curbs.  Furthermore, this vendor is offering to perform a service but has not received a permit from the City to do so,” said Beehler.

The flyer being handed out says that the cost of the service is $20 for one location and $10 for additional address locations.  Homeowners can also pay an additional $5 to have a full color U.S. flag installed on the curb in front of their house.

“A vendor be allowed to install curb home address markers if it met the City’s permit requirements and a permit application was applied for and issued,” said Beehler.  “None of that has occurred to this point.”

The City has attempted to contact House Address Service, but has so far been unsuccessful.

Unauthorized Curb Home Address Marker Vendor – News Release