First Batch of Primary Election Returns Released

The first returns of the 2018 Primary Election have given a clear indication of which candidates will move on to the November 6th General Election.  Only the top two vote getters in each race move on to the General Election.

The Yakima County Auditor’s office conducts only one count of ballots on election night and, consequently, issues just one set of returns.  The election night count usually represents about 20% of the ballots that have been returned to the Auditor’s office prior to Election Day.  Yakima County uses an all-mail-in voting system, so ballots that are postmarked before midnight on August 7tht will still be considered valid for the Primary Election.

In the race to replace retiring 14th District State Representative (Position 1) Norm Johnson, Sasha Bentley (D) has 42.39% of the vote, Chris Corry (R) has 37.36%, Yakima Mayor Kathy Coffey (R) has received 16.1% of the vote, followed by Earl Steven Lee (D) with 4.15%.

Incumbent 14th District State Representative (Position 2) Gina Mosbrucker (R) is easily outpacing two challengers with 58.96% of the vote. Liz Hallock (D) has received 31.26% of the primary vote and Noah Ramirez (D) stands at 9.78%.

Only Yakima County numbers have been reported so far in the race for 15th District State Representative (Position 2).  Jeremie Dufault (R) is leading the field with 47.90% of the vote followed by A.J. Cooper with 26.70%.  Incumbent David Taylor (R) has 20.40% and Mario Martinez (no party preference) has 4.90%.

Only counting Yakima County numbers, incumbent 15th District State Senator Jim Honeyford (R) leads his opponent, Bengie Aguilar (D) 65.75% to 33.94%.  Only Yakima County numbers show incumbent 15th District State Representative (Position 1) Bruce Chandler (R) leading his opponent, Jack McEntire (D) 65.10% to 34.78%.

Susan Soto Palmer (D) leads the group of seven candidates vying to replace retiring Yakima County Commissioner (District 3) Rand Elliot with 26.86% of the primary vote.  Grandview Mayor Norm Childress (R) is next with 19.40% followed by Summer Derrey (R) with 14.55%, Lisa Homer (R) with 12.41%, Brent Knautz (R) with 10.30%, Stephen Changala (R) with 9.65%, and Jose Trevino with 6.67%.

Robert Udell (R) is leading three other candidates seeking to follow retiring Yakima County Sheriff Brian Winters (R).  Udell (R) has 49.11% of the vote, Nolan Wentz (R) has 20.16%, Dave Simmons (R) has 19.64%, and Rick Mottice (R) has 9.83%.

Incumbent Yakima County Coroner Jack Hawkins (R) has received 48.13% of the vote, Jim Curtice has 29.23% and Dan Williams (R) has 21.50%

Tracey Slagle (R) leads incumbent Yakima County Clerk Janelle Riddle 75.53% to 23.12%.

Incumbent Yakima County Assessor Dave Cook (R), incumbent Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross (R), incumbent Yakima County Prosecutor Joe Brusic (R), and incumbent Yakima County Treasurer Illene Thomson (R) are all running unopposed.

Additional ballot counts will be conducted over the next few days.  Ballot counts will continue periodically until all of the ballots that were received before the midnight August 7th deadline have been tabulated.  The 2018 Primary Election will be certified on August 21st.

2018 Primary Election Returns – News Release