First Batch of Special Election Returns Released

The first returns of the 2020 February Special Election have been released by the Yakima County Auditor’s office.

The auditor’s office conducts only one count of ballots on election nights and, consequently, issues just one set of returns.  The election night count usually represents about 20% of the ballots that have been returned to the Auditor’s office prior to election day.  Yakima County uses an all-mail-in voting system, so ballots that are postmarked before midnight on February 11th will still be considered valid for the February Special Election.

The City of Yakima’s proposal to lift a property tax levy lid in order to generate an estimated $3 million more per year to fund City services is failing.  City of Yakima Proposition No. 1 has garnered 63.95% no votes compared to 36.05% yes votes.

A Yakima School District measure to replace an expiring levy for educational programs and operations is currently passing.  The measure has received 50.59% yes votes and 49.41% no votes.

A second Yakima School District proposal, this one a levy for capital improvements to school facilities and safety and technology systems, is narrowly failing at this time.  The proposition has 51.49% no votes and 48.51% yes votes.

School district levies in Mabton, Sunnyside, and Zillah are all currently passing.  Results of a levy vote in the Wahluke School District have not yet been reported.

A Naches Park & Recreation District levy proposal, which need 60% yes votes to pass, is currently passing.  The levy proposal has received 67.99% yes votes and 32.01% no votes.

Additional ballot counts will be conducted over the next few days.  Ballot counts will continue periodically until all of the ballots that were received before the midnight February 11th deadline have been tabulated. 

The 2020 February Special Election will be certified on February 21st.