Inclement Weather Conditions Affecting Refuse Collection

The public’s cooperation is being sought to help City of Yakima refuse operators keep on schedule during winter weather.

“Ice and snow cause driving problems for everyone and when you drive a thirty-ton garbage truck, it can be especially challenging,” said City of Yakima Refuse and Recycling Manager Loretta Zammarchi.

To provide the best service possible, the City’s Refuse Division is asking customers to:

— Make sure garbage carts are accessible and clear of all snow and ice at the curbside

— Maintain a 36-inch-wide path around the garbage carts to enable equipment to safely pick them up

— If your garbage cart is not collected on the normal pickup day, leave it out so it can be collected later

— Do not jam garbage into carts

— If you live on steep terrain, please bag your garbage. Operators may need to drive a smaller refuse vehicle to retrieve your garbage. Having it bagged allows operators to remove refuse from a cart in a safe and timely manner.

— Maintain clearance and access around dumpsters

— Avoid parking on the street on collection days to ensure access to your garbage cart

While trying to maintain regular schedules, garbage collection could be suspended if a street is considered unsafe due to snow and icy conditions.

If you have any questions, please contact the City of Yakima Refuse Division at 575-6005.
Winter Weather Affecting City of Yakima Refuse Collection – News Release