May 1st “March for Immigrants” Taking Place in Downtown Yakima

The “March for Immigrants”, which will take place on Monday, May 1st and which begin and end at Miller Park (502 N. 4th Street), will include several stops at locations in downtown Yakima.

Those interested in participating in the event are encouraged to begin gathering at Miller Park at about noon on Monday, May 1st.  Following a presentation by several speakers that is expected to last about 30 minutes, the march will head south on 3rd Street and proceed along the following route:

– Turn left at the intersection of 3rd Street and Yakima Avenue (heading east)

– Pause and chant (for approximately 10 minutes) at The Tower (402 E. Yakima

Avenue), home to 4th District U.S. Representative Dan Newhouse’s office

– Continue heading east on Yakima Avenue

– Turn right on Naches Avenue (heading south)

– Turn right on Chestnut Avenue (heading west)

– Pause for speeches (for approximately 15 minutes) at the William O. Douglas Federal

Building (25 S. 3rd Street)

– Head west on Chestnut Avenue

– Turn right at 1st Street (heading north)

– Pause and chant (for approximately 10) at the Yakima County Courthouse (128 N. 2nd Street)

– Head north on 1st Street

– Turn right on F Street (heading east)

– End at Miller Park

A Yakima Police Department rolling escort will accompany the march in order to provide traffic control.  Yakima Transit service may experience some delays while the march is underway.

May 1st March for Immigrants – News Release