Neighborhood Forum to Focus on Addressing Violence and Crime

A neighborhood forum will be held on Saturday, June 17th beginning at 4:00 pm at the corner of 8th Street and D Street to provide an opportunity for community members to share their concerns about recent incidents of violence and provide input about potential solutions.

The forum has been organized by Yakima City Councilmember Dulce Gutiérrez (District #1) and several people who live in the Northeast Yakima neighborhood.

“Our neighborhood has become one of the most dangerous in Yakima,” said Gutiérrez.  “That has resulted in increased tension and fear among the people who live in Northeast Yakima.  “Neighbors need an opportunity to share their concerns with one another and band together to make it clear that they won’t tolerate violence and crime in their neighborhood,” said Gutiérrez.  “That’s why this forum is being held.”

The forum will be presented in Spanish.  Translation for non-Spanish-speaking attendees will be available.

The City Council recently announced plans for several neighborhood forums to be held throughout Yakima in order to gather feedback from community members as part of developing a long-term strategy addressing violence and crime.

For more information about the June 17th neighborhood forum at the corner of 8th Street and D Street, contact Yakima City Councilmember Dulce Gutiérrez (District #1) at 823-7021.

Neighborhood Forum to Address Violence and Crime – News Release