Old Drain Removal Will Temporarily Affect Maclaren Irrigation System

The removal of an old drain will result in the temporary shutdown of the City of Yakima’s Maclaren Irrigation System during the day on Thursday, May 29th. The result of the temporary shutdown will likely be reduced irrigation water pressure to the homes served by the Maclaren system for a few hours that day.

The Maclaren Irrigation System serves about 1200 homes in the area bordered by Tieton Drive to the north, Nob Hill Boulevard to the south, 16th Avenue to the west, and Landon Avenue to the east.

City of Yakima Water/Irrigation Division crews will be removing the old drain, which is located in the southbound lane of 16th Avenue at the intersection of 16th and Maclaren Avenue, in order to accommodate work that is part of a citywide road resurfacing project. The City is spending about $15 million dollars this year completing what’s known as a “grind and overlay” project in order to recondition roadway sections in different parts of Yakima. A grind and overlay project involves removing old and deteriorated asphalt and replacing it with new asphalt, which significantly improves the drivability and safety of the road surface.

It is expected that removal of the old drain will be completed on Thursday, May 29th. Customers served by the Maclaren system should have full irrigation water pressure by the end of the day.

“We are confident that our crews will finish the drain removal work the same day it starts and that the impact to our customers will be minimal,” said Acting Irrigation Supervisor Richard Sanislo. “We hope that people served by the Maclaren system will be patient while we are working on the project. Our crews will get the work done as efficiently as possible,” said Sanislo.

Customers who have questions about the canal shutoff can contact the City of Yakima’s Water/Irrigation Division at 575-6194.

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