Pump Repair Results in Temporary Closure of Lions Pool

Lions Pool, the City of Yakima’s indoor aquatics facility, has been closed temporarily while an emergency repair is being conducted on the pool’s main recirculation pump.  The repair will be completed as quickly as possible.  However it is not known at this point exactly how long it will take to finish the work.

Once the project is finished and the pool is ready to be reopened, the City will provide notice utilizing its various communications platforms.

“We certainly apologize to the loyal users of Lions Pool that the facility will have to be closed while the pump is repaired,” said Parks & Recreation Manager Ken Wilkinson.  “The pump has simply worn out.  The recirculation pump is a critical piece of the system that keeps Lions Pool operating.  The work is being done as fast as it can be, and Lions Pool will be back in business soon,” said Wilkinson.

Lions Pool is the most heavily used of the City’s two public pools (the other being Franklin Pool).  The facility is used for recreation, swimming and diving competitions, therapeutic purposes, etc.  It is open year ‘round, with the exception of periodic closures for maintenance or other repair projects.

Lions Pool Pump Repair – News Release