Road Repairs Needed Due to Winter Weather Damage

Both 62nd Avenue between Tieton Drive and Walnut Street and the intersection of 68th Avenue and Chestnut Avenue will be closed for most of the day on Monday, January 25th and Tuesday, January 26th while road repairs are made.

The section of 62nd Avenue between Tieton and Walnut and the 68th and Chestnut will be closed from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm both Monday and Tuesday while road repairs are underway. Asphalt damaged by severe winter weather will be removed at both locations. Until local asphalt plants open this spring, the driving surfaces at both locations will be gravel.

During the projects, traffic delays in the areas are likely to occur. Drivers should use alternate routes if possible until the projects are completed.

Access to homes and businesses in the areas will be maintained and traffic will be allowed through the project areas when possible.

As always, schedules for these types of a projects are subject to change daily dependent on weather, equipment failure, and emergencies.

For additional information about this project, contact Streets and Traffic Operations Manager Joe Rosenlund at 576-6430.
Road Repairs to Impact Drivers – News Release