Sealcoating Project to Impact Traffic

The City of Yakima Streets Division is nearing completion of its annual chip sealing program work for this year.  The final step is sealcoating, a process by which a liquid layer of sealant is applied to the road surface to protect it from damage that water, oil, and other natural elements can cause.  Sealcoating also provides a slip-resistant road surface.

Several roads in the southeast section of Yakima, including multiple side streets off of Fair Avenue, along with roads in the northwest section of the city, including side streets off of 85th Avenue, have been the focus of the City’s chip sealing program this year.

Crews will be sealcoating from around 6:30 am to about 3:30 pm on Monday, August 13th and Tuesday, August 14th.  Drivers are encouraged to avoid work zones if possible.  If drivers must travel near the areas where sealcoating is taking place, they are encouraged to closely follow the directions provided by flaggers who will be on site.

While the work is underway, 20-mile-per-hour speed limits will be strictly enforced in the project areas.  Access to homes and businesses on the roads being sealcoated may be restricted for short durations while the work is being done.

Asphalt roads deteriorate over time due to traffic and exposure to sun and wet weather.  As a part of the City’s ongoing street maintenance program, chip sealing is done on a periodic basis in order to protect road surfaces from water and weather damage and to keep them in good condition.

Chip sealing an existing road surface is far less expensive that laying new pavement.

Currently, the cost of an asphalt overlay (new blacktop) is about $90,000 per mile.  By comparison, the cost for chip sealing is $16,000 a mile. Chip sealing saves taxpayer dollars because it protects the road from deterioration and greatly delays the need for a new asphalt overlay to repair a deteriorated road.

Sealcoating Project to Impact Traffic – News Release