Second Count of General Election Returns Released

The second count of returns from the 2021 General Election have been released by the Yakima County Auditor’s office.

Yakima County uses an all-mail-in voting system, so ballots that were postmarked before midnight on November 2nd are still considered valid for the General Election.

In the race in Yakima City Council District 2, Danny Herrera now has 59.19% of the vote (compared to 62.15% after the first count) to the 40.81% that has gone to Edgar Hernandez (who had 37.82% after the first count).

In District 4, Janice Deccio leads Mark Shervey 59.42% to 40.58%.  After the first count, Deccio led 59.59% to 40.41%. 

The second count of ballots puts Matt Brown ahead of Lisa Wallace for the District 6 seat 50.29% to 49.71%.  After the first count, Wallace led Brown 50.54% to 49.46%. 

Three ballot measures from the City of Yakima also appeared on this year’s General Election ballot.

City of Yakima Proposition 1, which would establish attendance requirements for Council members, is passing 84.43% (compared to 84.59% after the first count) to 15.57% (compared to 15.41% after the first count).  City of Yakima Proposition 2, which amends various sections of the City Charter, is passing 59.44% (versus 59.91% after the first count) to 40.56% (versus 40.09% after the first count).  And, City of Yakima Proposition 3, which would prohibit the Yakima City Council from imposing an income tax, is passing 78.19% (78.31% after the first count) to 21.81% (21.69% after the first count).

Additional ballot counts will be conducted over the next few days.  Ballot counts will continue periodically until all of the ballots that were received before the midnight November 2nd deadline have been tabulated.  The 2021 General Election will be certified on November 23rd.