Signal Replacement Project to Affect Traffic at Various Intersections

A project to upgrade traffic signals at about two dozen intersections throughout Yakima in order to improve driver and pedestrian safety will be going on from now until late February. The traffic signal upgrade is part of a citywide traffic safety improvement project that began last year.

The latest phase of the project involves replacing older 8-inch-diameter traffic signal heads with modern, state-of-the-art 12-inch-diameter heads. Signals at intersections included in the project will be turned off between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm during the days when traffic signal heads are being replaced. Traffic at those intersections will be directed by Yakima police officers while the work is underway.

Click on the”Traffic Signal Replacement Project – Involved Intersections List” link  below to see a list of the intersections included in the project and the dates that signals at each intersection will be replaced.

The first phase of the citywide traffic safety improvement project included installing ramps at intersections along 16th Avenue between Nob Hill Boulevard and River Road that comply with standards established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”). The total cost of the safety project, including installation of the ADA ramps and replacement of traffic signal heads, will be approximately $400,000 and is being completely covered by a federal grant.

During the traffic signal replacement project, traffic delays in the areas near the involved intersections may occur. Drivers should use alternate routes if possible until the project is completed.

As always, the schedule for this type of a project is subject to change daily dependent on weather, equipment failure, and emergencies.

For additional information about this project, contact Construction Supervisor Bruce Floyd at 575-6138.

Traffic Signal Replacement Project – Involved Intersections List