Snow Alert Cancelled by City of Yakima

About an hour after it was issued, a “Snow Alert” has been cancelled by the City of Yakima.

Weather conditions have changed significantly enough to allow the alert to be cancelled. Snow has essentially stopped falling and temperatures are predicted to warm up from now until later this afternoon.

“The City followed its protocol in issuing the alert,” said Communications & Public Affairs Director Randy Beehler. “Now that conditions have made the alert no longer necessary, it is being cancelled. Should more snow develop later today or overnight, the City will follow it plan and evaluate whether a new alert will need to be issued,” said Beehler.

With a focus on speeding up the City’s process of making streets passable as soon as possible after a significant snowfall, last year the Yakima City Council revised its snow removal plan and established snow routes. The snow routes are primarily centered in the downtown core. When a snowfall reaches three inches in depth, a “Snow Alert” is to be issued. A key part of the Snow Alert protocol is to let car owners know they need to move their vehicles from designated snow routes as soon as possible. With cars off of those streets, the work of plowing crews will be faster and safer.

To see a map of Yakima snow routes, along with the rest of the priority plowing routes throughout the city, click on the following link –

People can find out more about Snow Alerts when they are issued by looking at posts on the City’s various communications platforms, paying attention to local media reports, or can call 575-3015.
Yakima Snow Alert Cancelled – News Release