Vehicle’s Mechanical Failure Results in Minor Damage

While maintenance was being performed on a City of Yakima Public Works Department vehicle at about 8:00 am today, a yet-to-be-determined mechanical failure occurred, which resulted in the vehicle’s transmission engaging.  The vehicle, which is primarily used to haul refuse carts (garbage cans), went through two rollup doors of a maintenance building and eventually came to rest after running into an outbuilding.

“We’re grateful that no one was injured and that the damage done is minimal,” said Communications & Public Affairs Director Randy Beehler.  “An investigation is being conducted to figure out what caused the mechanical failure.”

The vehicle’s engine was running while maintenance was being performed on it outside in a parking area east of the Public Works facility’s main maintenance building.  After its transmission engaged, the vehicle, with no one inside it, moved forward, entered the main maintenance building through a closed rollup door, proceeded through the main maintenance building and out a partially-open rollup door on the west side of the building.

The vehicle ultimately stopped when it ran into an outbuilding near the northwest edge of the Public Works property.

An estimate of the cost of the damage that was done by the vehicle will be determined as soon as possible.

Mechanical Failure of Public Works Vehicle – News Release